About Mr. Coffee Concierge

Mr. Coffee Concierge was founded by CEO/Owner Coach Sherron Small who is a certified physical education teacher, turned coffee connoisseur & entrepreneur who has a passion for providing a first-class coffeelicious experience. Our Mobile Gourmet Coffee & Tea Bar is the cornerstone of our operation where we offer the world’s healthiest coffee & tea products. We also offer one-stop shopping for Preferred Customers to “subscribe online” for a variety of wellness products like herbal beverages, nutraceuticals, body management and personal care products that promote a healthy lifestyle.


Our Mission is Coffeelicious

Our mission is to change the lives of people around the world by helping them to reach new levels of health and well-being through our premium gourmet products.



Brewing the Vision

Our vision is to expand our Mr. Coffee Concierge brand on a national and international scale. Through perseverance and the formation of personal relationships, we are committed to identifying like-minded individuals who have a passion and desire to become their own boss (CEO). Expansion opportunities are available as we create a culture of like-minded individual who have a passion for growing with our company. To us, coffee & tea is more than a business, it’s a platform we use to foster the entrepreneur spirit that is in all of us.